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Wedding Smile Makeover in Kolkata

Your day of the wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Your priceless and beautiful smile can make your picture a wonderful and unforgettable memory for you, a memory that will engrave on your soul forever. Most of the brides spend months preparing their most desirable wedding dress. So if your smile looks not so desirable it can be a matter of disappointment. Some brides do not even smile because of their flawed tooth structure. So therefore if you include smile makeover as an integral part of your wedding planning then the photogenic outcome of your personality will make a great difference. Each and every person wants to show off their amazingly stunning, lovely, and youthful smile on their wedding day.

Treatment Done In Wedding Dentistry in Kolkata

At Gupta Dental Foundation we can help your wedding dreams to come true by helping you to achieve a beautiful flawless smile. Our expert team of wedding dentists in Kolkata will provide you a complete wedding makeover considering your facial appearance. This not only includes your teeth color, shape, and alignment, width, gum tissue and etc.
  • Bridal dentistry can whiten your stained discolored or yellow teeth and can give you a naturally healthy-looking gorgeous smile.
  • Bridal dentistry can straight your uneven teeth in 5-9 months.
  • It can completely remove the gaps by correcting your crowded teeth that bother you a lot
  • It can completely repair your broken and chipped teeth
  • With the help of bridal dental treatment, you can replace your missing teeth by implants or dental bridges.
  • You can also change your old silver filling with tooth colored composite fillings
  • You can completely reshape your gum line to get a more aligned and beautiful smile

Bridal Dental Makeover in Kolkata

Gupta Dental Foundation strongly believes in maintaining everyone’s individualism and giving you a smile makeover that will be completely custom-designed to meet your unique and personal needs. Without a doubt, Gupta Dental Foundation is an ultimate solution for a bridal dental makeover in Kolkata as we are offering the Wedding Smile Makeover Package at an affordable range. In terms of the availability of the latest dental technology and facilities, Gupta Dental Foundation is one of the best dental clinic in Kolkata and it is performed by the prolific wedding dentists in Kolkata.

Bridal Smile Makeover Option

Teeth Whitening 
Teeth whitening is a fast and easy process that you can have just right before your wedding. If your stained and discolored teeth have become a matter of embarrassment for your appearance in the public, this is a perfect solution for you. A professional teeth whitening treatment will take around an hour or so and will provide you picture perfect smile.
Veneers are very used full in Bridal Dentistry to give a patient a wedding smile makeover. It is essentially a good option when you are having multiple oral health issues from stained to chipped, cracked teeth and an acute case of diastema (space between two front teeth). Veneer can correct all of these problems and give you a natural looking healthy smile before your wedding day.
A complete Wedding Smile Makeover
A Wedding Smile Makeover is specially customized according to your specific oral needs. The Restorative dentistry treatment and Cosmetic dentistry treatment can be considered as a smile makeover. These are the treatment that is completely tied together to give you a beautiful and youthful smile that will look unique on your wedding day. For all this reason wedding dentistry in Kolkata is getting flourished at an increasing rate.

Bridal And Groom Dental Smile Makeover Exclusive Wedding Packages

Perfect Teeth Smile Package

  • Full examine of your smile
  • Full mouth scaling and cleaning
  • Full mouth polishing
  • Brushing Techniques.

Dental Bridal Packages

  • Full evaluation of your smile
  • Full mouth scaling and cleaning
  • Full mouth polishing
  • Brushing Techniques.
  • 2 Tooth-Colored GIC

Teeth Whitening Bridal Package

  • Full evaluation of your smile
  • Full mouth scaling and cleaning
  • Full mouth polishing
  • In-Clinic Teeth Whitening
  • Brushing Techniques.
  • Add-On : 2 Tooth-Colored GIC /2 Teeth Recontouring.

Wedding Smile Makeover Package

  • Full mouth examination for your smile
  • Full mouth scaling and cleaning
  • Full mouth polishing, Teeth Whitening
  • Six Custom-Made All-Ceramic Veneers or crowns.

FAQ About wedding smile makeover in Kolkata

What is bridaldentistry?
Bridal dentistry is basically a new branch of aesthetic dentistry that can completely rejuvenate your smile by making it looks bright and dazzling on the day of your wedding. This is a kind of smile designing but comparatively done in a shorter period of time.
What is a wedding smile makeover?
Wedding smile makeover is specially designed to give you a custom design smile makeover so that you can have a gorgeous smile on your wedding day. The dentist provides you with a wedding makeover considering your overall facial appearance.
How long will Wedding smile makeover take?
Wedding smile makeover involves various kinds of treatment available in cosmetic dentistry in order to achieve a perfectly beautiful smile. If your wedding is six months away it is still possible for you to take up a orthodontic treatment and dental implant for your smile makeover. But if it is less than six months veneer is the best option for you.
Who is it for?
Wedding smile makeover is an apt treatment option for those who want to have a perfectly flawless smile on their wedding day and most importantly have 6 to 3 months time for the successful completion of the treatment.
Smile makeover cost in Kolkata?
The cost of the wedding smile makeover varies treatment to treatment. The average cost of the smile makeover package starts around 2500k up to 20,000k.
How much prior to a wedding should a consultation take place?
An initial consultation is very important before going through any smile make over procedure prior to a wedding. Generally this consulting session should take place before 6 to 7 months of the ceremony, so that the treatment can go on in a full spree.