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Things to Know about Root Canal Treatment, the Boon

Root Canal is a treatment that is used to protect a tooth that is fully decayed. During this procedure, the inner part of the tooth is cleaned. If no treatment is done the tooth will become infected. The Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata is becoming famous nowadays. People in Kolkata may not be aware of the root canal but it is a thing which everyone has to be aware of. As your tooth gets infected you need to visit the dentist near you. It is not a problem which is taken lightly but it cannot be taken lightly. From a smaller problem, it grows huge. It can cause you a lot of pain but at the end of the day, it gives you the main relief. If your tooth is fully infected then you will face severe pains in the future.

Is the Root canal a painful process?

Most of the people in Kolkata and many other cities think that it is one of the worst processes. But this is not painful, you may have pain while the treatment but you will finally get rid of this tooth infection. People having root canal are stress-free. With the latest technologies nowadays, the process has become much fast and easier. It has been observed most of the times that the fear around having a root canal is related to the tooth pain. With an infected tooth if you bite or chew anything it will hurt you a lot. A patient would always want the dentist to treat the tooth without drilling it. Anesthesia is the best procedure not only for injection but also for a root canal to ensure a pain-free procedure. Though it might be painful, it gives you a proper and final result. The tooth which is fixed with root can long last for a longer period.

How much time does the process take?

The opening is made on top of the tooth and the pulp is moved from the canals. The canals are properly washed with a disinfecting solution. Then the canals are shaped with an increasing diameter so that all infected tooth structure is moved for root canal filling. An X-Ray will be taken to make sure that the treatment is done properly. If the root canal is completed in one or two appointments, the dentist will place a medicine under the canal to kill the bacteria.

Signs that indicate you need Root Canal

  • Unlimited tooth pain- When you cannot control the pain in your tooth you require a root canal. The pain in your tooth will always bother you, it can go away but to fully get rid of it root canal is the best procedure. Tooth pain can have other causes like gum disease or teeth full of cavity etc.
  • Sensitivity to Heat and cold- There is a slight pain in our tooth when we drink hot tea or coffee, or when you eat ice cream or an ice crystal. Everyone takes this problem lightly. This sensitivity can cause a much harder pain. You might require a root canal if this pain goes on for a longer period. This is a proper indication that your tooth might get damager or infected.
  • Discoloration of the tooth-If your tooth pulps are infected It is fully discolored. The discoloration is truly visible in front of your teeth. Tooth pulps can easily damage when there is a lack of blood supply, the root canal has to be done as soon as possible.
  • Swelling of gums- The gums which are swollen near the painful tooth indicates that you quickly require a root canal. It may not pain when you feel it with your tongue. These swollen gums result in giving you the worst taste inside your mouth and make breadth smell bad. In this case, it is recommended by each and every doctor to make a root canal.
  • Paining while eating or touching the tooth- While touching or eating any food if you feel the pain there can be tooth decaying. In this case, you might require a root canal as it can cause further problems.
  • Losing your tooth- Infected tooth can lead to losing your teeth. If you are feeling that your tooth is loosened or it is about to come out, never wait and go for the root canal treatment as soon as possible. If you think too much you might lose your teeth.

What will happen if you don’t get a root canal?

The infected pulp will surround your teeth and it will result in tooth decay. This way you might lose your teeth. It is the most important process as the pulp inside your teeth catches the disease. This is the reason why a root canal is important and it should be done. It is not possible to heal automatically.

Are there people ineligible for root canal treatment?

The people who are not eligible for this root canal treatment are:

  • A person with high blood pressure
  • Diabetic persons
  • Viral fever
  • Persons with weak bones suffering from Osteoporosis
  • Persons with an abnormal immune response to the normal body part.
  • A person taking blood-thinning medications.

How many dental visits do you need to make to complete the treatment?

If your problem is serious then it might take a lot of dental visits. Commonly nowadays the process has become much easier due to the advanced technology. So now if you are making a root canal appointment you can expect it to be done with one or two visits.

Who is the best and preferred person for the root canal treatment?

It is not that the normal dentists cannot do a root canal treatment they can. But the best and most recommended person is Endodontist. The reasons why:

  • They have an advanced education about dental surgery
  • They focus mainly on the treatment of tooth pulp. They finish approximately 25 treatments in a week, a normal dentist only finishes 2-3 treatment a week
  • They make sure that the patients are comfortable during the treatment. They go through the process of anesthesia.
  • They have the latest technology to make sure that the treatment is successful.

We have known a brief introduction about the root canal treatment now we have to know about the Root Canal treatment in Kolkata. The best dental foundation Foundation is the Gupta Dental Foundation which is also famous for Gum Surgery in Kolkata

About the Foundation

The Foundation founded after Dr. Ayon Gupta who is the best dentist in Kolkata. This dental foundation offers treatment to patients of all age groups which they can afford it. The services offered by them are the best in Kolkata.

Services offered by the Foundation 

  • Treatment of Gums- The majority of the people suffer from gum swelling and the disease caused by it. Due to this case, the adults lose their teeth. This disease keeps developing and at a point in time, it becomes very hard to detect. This foundation has become the best to provide the best Gum Surgery in Kolkata. While brushing your teeth you may see your gum bleeding if this thing becomes huge then it will be difficult for you to breathe. The precautions must be taken before your gum swells. Some gum problems are caused by plaque and the bacteria present inside it.
  • Crowning and Bridging of teeth- It is the most important work of the dental surgery. These are the devices that are cemented between existing teeth. These are mostly used to cover a damaged tooth. This is the best way to reshape your teeth which have been broken. You can say that this gives the proper texture to the natural tooth.
  • Laser Surgery- It provides the best laser treatment which is also cheap. The laser treatment of gums is the best process to find a gum disease and it can be easily detected. If you want to find the best laser gum surgery you must visit the Gupta foundation clinic.
  •  Root canal treatment-The Root canal treatment in this foundation is the best and most effective. Most of the dentist of root canal treatment is successful in this field. Almost 800 patients have been treated successfully by the root canal procedure provided by the Foundation. They use the latest technologies and painless procedures in their treatment.
  •  Dental Implants- The foundation also provides the services of dental implants. For the last two years, there have been technologies to improve the services of implants. Now you will find almost 1400 types of dental implants in many shapes, sizes, etc. This foundation provides the best dental implants in Kolkata.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The cost of the treatment keeps varying. There are many treatment procedures on which the cost depends. In Kolkata, the price starts in 2000 and the best root canal ends at 8000. Depending on the types of equipment used the cost varies. But in Gupta Foundation the treatment is provided at an affordable cost. This is the best and the affordable dental clinic in Kolkata which may provide you treatment in 2000. Never ignore the problems of gum swelling or tooth decay as it can lead to damaging your tooth.

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