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RCT Treatment in DumDum, North Kolkata are among the most effective Root Canal Treatment in Kolkata. Doctors at Gupta Dental Foundation are experts in this field. More than 700 patients have been successfully treated by RCT treatment provided by us. Online appointment booking for root canal treatment is also available here. We use advanced technologies and painless methods in our treatment. We also make sure that you get quick recovery after your treatment.

What is RCT?

It is a procedure where a badly Carious or fractured or non-vital tooth is saved by removing its innermost aspect (pulp) from the crown & the root portion of the tooth.
Pulp is located in the core of the crown & root of the tooth.
It is somewhat like mummifying a tooth for the sake of preserving it .


Grossly Decayed tooth.
Non-vital or dead tooth.
Traumatic injury to tooth.
Grossly attrited or worn down tooth.
Intentional RCT.
Root canal associated with periodontal treatment.

The Procedure In Brief

A Deep Infection

Root canal treatment is undertaken when a infection to a tooth, exposes the tooth’s pulp( containing the nerve and blood supply) and the root becomes infected or inflamed.

In Order To Reach The Pulp Of The Tooth

An opening made through the crown of the tooth to the pulp chamber.

Removing The Infected/Inflamed Tissue

Special instrument called files are used to clean the inner surface of the roots and remove the unhealthy pulp out of the canals. Irrigation with saline , sodium hypochlorite and chlorhexidine solution is used to help clean the canals and remove debris.

Filling The Canals

The canals are then filled with a permanent inert material called gutta-percha.

Rebuilding The Tooth

A crown, sometimes called a cap is placed over the top of the tooth.It provides the necessary support to the tooth and the natural looks and anatomy of the tooth is recreated.

Extra Support

In some cases, a post made up glass reinforced fiber is placed in the root.This provides the crown with additional support.