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How to clean our teeth? – Suggested by Best Dentist in Kolkata

Dental hygiene has become an important part of our everyday lives. Best Dentists in Kolkata suggested that keeping our teeth clean can help avoid many diseases and infections. Bad breath and yellowing of teeth happen when teeth are not regularly cleaned. Teeth help us chew our food and smile without hesitation brightly and healthily. If we don’t clean our teeth regularly, our mouth will be build up with bacteria causing plaque which might cause harmful gum diseases and tooth decay. If you are wondering what ways you can keep your teeth clean, then you are not alone!

In the market, there are many fancy toothpaste and teeth cleaners available. Today everyone is becoming cautious as to how to keep their teeth clean. There are a few traditional ways that we follow in keeping our teeth clean.

Regular Brushing

Brushing our teeth regularly helps keep our teeth clean. However this is not something new, we have been doing this from our childhood. First, our parents or grandparents taught us, how to brush our teeth and then gradually we learned the skill. However, the point to be noted that we learn brushing skills as children and not all children develop the skill of brushing appropriately. Brushing is the basic art of keeping our teeth clean. As children, we are always in a hurry and some children might not like brushing. This is where the problem arises. At this young stage if we don’t master the art of brushing and cleaning our teeth thoroughly germs start building up.

Especially children are not able to brush molar and premolar teeth and keep them clean. The canines also often remain stuck with food. This starts the tooth decaying process and buildup of bacteria inside the tooth. Often as children, we have suffered from toothache and nights where we were awake from tooth pain. Though our mother’s used to say that it is because we eat too many toffees but the truth is we didn’t brush well. Not brushing regularly or at proper intervals may lead to yellowing of teeth and cause tooth decay. 

According to the best dentist in Kolkata – to keep our teeth clean we need to regularly brush at least one time during the day and one time at night. Brushing at night is important as it helps remove the harmful bacteria build-up within our mouth. When brushing we need to follow some steps also. The first step is to rinse our mouth thoroughly. As the dental cavity is so deep, only a deep rinse every time can help keep our teeth clean.

We need to regularly change our brushes at least once in one month. Changing brushes help to use brushes with proper bristles and avoid soft or damaged bristles, which cannot reach deep within our mouth cavity. Selecting a brush with a proper shape that can reach even the deep inside our mouth will help remove plaques and remaining food easily. Therefore select your brushes carefully!

The second step in brushing includes using the brush thoroughly. While cleaning your teeth, make sure to clean between the teeth gaps and brush your molars well. Bacteria buildup is best in molars and premolars, therefore take time to brush them well. We are often in a hurry when brushing our teeth. Don’t do that. The standard norm is to spend at least 2 to 4 minutes while brushing our teeth in the morning or at night.


Place the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle from the gum line. Move the toothbrush in back and forth motion, repeating this for every tooth. When brushing, move the toothbrush along the upper side and inner side of each tooth in the back, top and bottom and up and down movement. This makes the paste stay for longer periods in our mouths, killing the harmful bacteria and germs.

Nowadays many people do flossing at home. Flossing is a technique to get rid of food particles and plaque from places where the toothbrush cannot easily reach. Flossing is used as the toothbrush cannot easily reach below the gum line and between the teeth.

To floss your teeth use a minimum of 18 inches of floss and wind the floss around the middle finger. Holding the floss between the thumb and index finger move it gently up and down between your teeth. Curving the floss around the base of each tooth ensures going below the gumline. But make sure never to floss fast or with force as this might injure the delicate gum line tissue. A nylon or monofilament floss works best at home for the tooth. Flossing helps to maintain good oral hygiene and to keep the teeth clean and free from germs. 

Mouth Washing:

There are numerous mouthwashes available in the market today. Some of the leading multinationals are now offering mouthwashes to go along with toothpaste to maintain good oral hygiene and in keeping our tooth clean. Mouth washing is a delicate part of keeping our tooth clean and it ensures that the germs within our mouth get rinsed and cleaned. Mouthwashes are power loaded with certain chemicals to kill the bacteria within our mouth. But sadly the duration for which mouthwashes can work is limited. For effective mouth wash use twice daily after meals or in between meals. Mouth wash can cleanse the mouth and prevent bad odor coming from the mouth.

Rinsing mouth after eating

Rinsing methods have been in use since time immortal. Rinsing can be done with mouth wash or with plain water or with lukewarm salted water. Rinsing the mouth thoroughly after eating deters the growth of germ and other harmful bacteria from the food remains inside the mouth. One should make it a habit to flush out any food that remains from the mouth immediately after eating. Many times people use their fingers for rinsing their teeth and gums. Such rinsing clears any bad odor and infection-causing germs helping keep our teeth clean.   

Visiting the dentists on a regular basis

This is advice that we often ignore. A regular visit to the dentists can save our teeth and help keep our teeth clean. You should visit dentists once in every 6 months, a dentist will perform various checks to ensure our oral health. Take advice from dentists regarding ways to practice oral hygiene. This will help in preventing gingivitis and other tooth diseases. A dentist might perform several procedures before giving a clearing certificate of your overall oral health. Dentists can perform a procedure such as scaling for all teeth. Scaling is a procedure whereby stones and other buildup chemicals are removed from the teeth. This helps keep the teeth clean and maintain healthy gums. Visit your nearest dentists for getting scaling done today. Scaling is a non-intensive and low costs procedure helping maintain oral hygiene.

Gupta Dental Foundation is among the best dental clinic in Kolkata. A dentist might suggest more sophisticated procedures for keeping the teeth clean. So, always take professional help when it comes to your teeth. 

Avoid commercial toothpaste

Globalization has brought about a large number of brands to the market. Often these toothpaste brands appear attractive and come with colorful labeling. These toothpaste are often loaded with fluorides that cause tooth decay over long periods. It is best to stick to a single toothpaste. Use dentists suggested toothpaste rather than going with large and fashionable multi-million dollar company brands. Dentists are professional and their suggestion can go in a long way in keeping our tooth clean. Medicated toothpaste helps in maintaining the right pH balance for the tooth and mouth cavity helping in regular balance. Commercial toothpaste often comes with various types of marketing offers which ultimately might not help in keeping our teeth clean.

A medicated toothpaste or herbal toothpaste can help maintain a good pH balance in the mouth. They have a good chemical balance that breaks down germs and bacteria within the mouth and then flushing them out with rinsing. A good toothpaste goes a long way in helping keep our teeth clean.

Avoid traditional methods

Often many people are interested in using the traditional method of using tea branches or other traditional mixtures to clean their teeth. The result is yellowing or even blacking of teeth, toothache, cavity and finally tooth decay. These people often have to get their teeth removed and wear an artificial tooth set. Traditionally knowledge regarding oral hygiene was less. This led to using home-made procedures to clean teeth. Oral hygiene and keeping teeth clean was the last priority in the lives of people. Hence, our parents or even grandparents might have had to lose their teeth. 

Innovation and development in science have dynamically transformed health and medicines. Days are not far that people will not have to suffer a bit from their tooth decay. Already there are procedures to ensure good teeth cleaning. So, rely upon science and forget the age-old procedure which our grandparents followed and maintain good and regular check-ups for your teeth. This will help to keep the teeth clean. Teeth are made up of calcium and science has already invented ways to keep them clean. So, have proper calcium check-ups regularly, maintain good oral health and visit dentists for more information on how to keep your teeth clean.       

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